Search the Tomb for the...

Secrets of the Pharaoh

By Dustin Bones


60 Minutes


12+ Years Old

Group Size

2-6 Guests


Can you uncover the Secrets of the Pharaoh?

A team of archeologists set out to find the Rosetta Stone hidden among the treasures and secrets of King Tut’s tomb. They began excavating and unearthed a series of puzzles and clues, but were unable to solve them. Can you and your team succeed where they failed and finally uncover the Secrets of the Pharaoh?

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Pharaoh’s Tomb

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1 Hour Experiences can run longer or shorter based on the group. You will not be timed!
This adventure is for 2- 6 guests. Family friendly - all ages. Suggested minimum age 12 years old, or able to read.
Each adventure is unique, and exclusive to your group. You will not be sharing an adventure with any other players.
You will be exploring our entire, 9500 sq. ft. space in order to complete your adventure.

Only (1) Group Per Adventure
As you enjoy your private adventure, you may encounter other patrons.
Although you may occupy the same space in search for clues, you will be the ONLY group participating in your chosen game.

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