Adventures of Intrigue Team

Our Cast & Crew

Dedicated service

Our team ensures a fun and enjoyable customer service experience.

Fully interactive

Engage with dynamic cast members as your “game masters”.

Immersive cast

Our talented actors & team provide a unique experience compared to regular escape rooms.

Caring experience

We prioritize your comfort and enjoyment and are always looking for new ways to intrigue you!

Adventures of Intrigue Staff

Our Team Makes Dreams

Meet the dedicated team behind Adventures of Intrigue. Our fully interactive cast members bring each storyline to life, creating realistic and immersive experiences. We prioritize your comfort and enjoyment, ensuring every visit is memorable and engaging. Join us and experience the magic our talented crew delivers.

Ben Tredway

Cast Member

Carissa Schaeffer

Story Teller / Dragon Master

Deech Mestel

Tech & Build Master

Patrick Blindauer

Puzzle Master

Angie Williams

Marketing Master

Miles Dudley

Tech Master

Mason Brown

Adventure Master

Valerie Byrn-Oren

Design Master

Addison Lewis

Head Librarian

Jim Seubert


Susan Seubert

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