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Unique experience

“… was a unique experience between escape room & scavenger hunt…”

Best Field trip ever!

“Loved it!  Best field trip ever.”

Fun for all ages!

“… even my teenager loved it!  Can’t wait to come back!”

Great staff

“They gave us clues in character while seeming to have a good time in the process.”

"Really unique, nothing else like this in St.Louis that I've ever seen!!"

- Colleen F.

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Advenures of Intrigues Testimonials

See what our adventurers have to say about their experiences at Adventures of Intrigue. From thrilling quests to immersive storylines, our guests share their unforgettable memories and moments. Read their reviews and discover why our adventure play space is the perfect destination for fun and excitement. Ready to create your own story? Book your adventure today!

very good place with good puzzle
Ryan Woolverton
Creative approach, beautiful scenery, lots of fun!
Carolyn VanEseltine
An amazing experience and excellent staff! Would recommend ot for families or groups of friends.
Ryan Luke
This place was such a great experience with my friends. Sir Reginald was so delightful and I would tell anyone to try this.
Joshua Soto
Came in to do one of the fun games today, it was a great time! They have definitely put a lot of thought and effort into making this a fully immersive experience! Can’t wait to try another game!
Donna McGinley
Amazing! Nothing else like it. Other than the vast amount of fun, the thrilling experience of the original games, the all handcrafted design , and real life actors makes it a must see and do for all those wanting a unique and out of this world experience.
Mitchell Renberg
We loved it! The challenges are very fun and the people are nice. I like that it’s not timed, that allows us to take the time and enjoy the experience
Anatolij Gelimson
Lots of fun. You get to walk all around the place and solve your puzzle. You're not just stuck in one room. You get to interact with all kinds of neat things.
James Thomason
Definitely enjoyed our time here! It's fun for all ages. Even my teenager loved it. Can't wait to come back!
Sara Schultz
Amazing adventures await! I've only had a chance to do two of the stories so far, but I'll be back to explore more. I like all the different themed options to each adventure. This would be great for a date night, families, GNO, you name it! Really unique, nothing else like this in STL that ever seen !!
Colleen F
Honestly it was so much fun, our group of 4 did the if the walls could talk adventure and had an amazing time, sir reaginold was a great host, I love that unlike escape rooms the staff participates and even more there is no pressure of a time limit like in an escape room
Kyle Saylor
So great! Full of whimsy! Sir. Reginald was an awesome guide! We did the Lost at Sea adventure and it was a total blast. Highly recommend to ANYONE
Max Hungate
Had an amazing experience at this event space. Was a unique combination between an escape room and a scavenger hunt. Sir Reginald was our library staff for the day and did an amazing job with the advice he gave. Visit here!!
Cooper Hungate
Adventures of Intrigue isn’t your traditional escape room experience, rather it is a fantasy puzzle adventure. Themed around the concept of stories within a library come to life, each adventure blends into one another while maintaining their own separate unique storyline. I will be back for the next adventure sooner than later.
David Stetter
My two friends and i decided to take a trip to St. Louis for one of their birthdays. We were looking around for escape rooms and decided to book one of their rooms, it was the best escape room we’ve ever been too! 100 percent will be coming back when we come back to st. louis! The staff went above and beyond for us while we were there, they were amazing!
Aubrie Marie
Adventures of Intrigue was a great time! The puzzles were fun, and the space is very creative. The staff really makes the full experience. Parking is easy with their own lot. Highly recommend!
Amie Reed
Had a blast here!!! Will definitely go again!! Fun for the family!! Staff was great!!!
Liss McQ
Our homeschool group goes on weekly field trips, and we agreed this was one of the BEST ever! They opened early for us to accommodate our school schedule and group size. The employees are actors, and are very helpful. The sets are magically detailed and engaging--one was a historical train setting, another Harry Potter-ish. Our kids range from 4-18, and they all had a fabulous time. A group of teens did a more sophisticated ghost type adventure on their own. And two other groups had kids of all ages, and they all were able to work and have fun together. We especially like that adventures are untimed, so the kids weren't under pressure. This is definitely a new MUST do St. Louis attraction!
Joni Jay
My husband and I solved the Case of the Missing Train car here last night for date night. These types of experiences are right up our alley! The puzzles were just the right amount of challenge. They never felt too hard or too easy. The librarians floated around to give us helpful hints if needed. I love that solving the puzzles aren’t timed like in an escape room so there’s less pressure and you get to enjoy the atmosphere/ scenes. The sets are thoughtfully and whimsically designed and added to the fun factor. We will definitely be back to solve another mystery!
Teri Jones
Very fun experience, great for families! Similar to an escape room but you are free to roam the facility and explore all the themed areas instead of being stuck in one spot. There are also no time limits so you can solve puzzles at your own pace. The puzzles were fun and there was lots of tech, the facility is beautiful with tons of cool things to see. The employees were also all super friendly and helpful.
A different take on an escape room adventure. No locked doors to escape, no time limit, just puzzle solving fun. My wife and I just did our first tonight. We are so used to a competitive style escape room it was refreshing to have the chance to explore and have fun. I love the fact that no matter what adventure you do, you get to explore all the areas. Definitely a fun night out!
Brandon Champion
Loved it. Best field trip ever. If you need help they help you and if you don’t they are there too. Super fun and interesting place. We took our homeschool group To The Moon Education and they were great! Tailored to all ages. Interactive items everywhere and the people never broke character.
Melissa Lukens
My partner and I are escape room enthusiasts (we've done 35), so we were excited to try Adventures of Intrigue. It bills itself as a different kind of experience, and it's true! You get to travel around the entire interior of the space (and it's big!) while solving puzzles and riddles. Be aware that you may be walking A LOT, but it's so worth it. Every space is a different theme, and they are decorated incredibly to match the theme of the room. Thank goodness our adventure wasn't timed, cuz we took a lot of time just exploring all the amazing details of each room. Tonight we played "Murder In the Manor" (I especially liked the ropes and the birds), and we can't wait to come back for more!!! Also, all the employees that engaged with us only added to the experience. They gave us clues in character while seeming to have a good time in the process.
Tyler Luetkenhaus
We did our first adventure today. So fun! A lot of our escape room skills (we're veterans of over 60 rooms) translate well, and it's still different enough to be a distinctly unique kind of challenge. We've already made plans to return for all of the adventures! Thanks, Sir Reginald, for a great tour and being a great game master. So sorry I didn't get your autograph.
Valerie Green
We checked this place out yesterday and it is absolutely amazing!! Exploring the facility was in and of itself worth it. We did the, "If These Walls Could Talk" adventure, and it was so cool!! I've done Escape Rooms before and didn't like being confined or the stress of the clock ticking. This adventure allowed us to explore the whole facility to find clues and solve puzzles. Everyone was able to participate not just a couple of us, due to lack of space. The little details throughout the place are amazing. The staff were so nice and helpful. I can't wait to come back again!!
Jennifer Thomason
Absolutely amazing. There's nothing else like it. While it's easy to categorize Adventures of Intrigue as an Escape Room, it's literally so much more. This is an entire immersive experience. It's more like a gamified Disney world. Complete with interactive characters, sights, sounds, and even SMELLS that go with each "room". Imagine being inside a video game or a movie. Experiencing the entire story first hand as the main character. Puzzles, technology. It is such an original and creative approach for kids, families, and even adults. And it's so creative that you can literally have a different experience every single time. From exploding volcanos, magical forests and snarling dragons, pirates, ancient Egypt... it literally has something for everyone. The cast was amazing from start to finish, and I can't imagine going to an arcade to play video games when you can live one. This is easily going to become a destination and they are adding more updates constantly. I loved every second and our kids lit up with excitement at every riddle solved. While I would love to thank them for all the fun that was had, the best part was really bonding with our family. Must visit.
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